Personal opinions that are neither here nor there.

Programmer - Stages of Development

A rant on the different stages a programmer reaches during their development.

Math in Dates

Finding the frequency of dates that satisfy a simple math equation.

I Don't Disagree

A rant for simpler, clearer communication.

How Task Driven Development Kills the Craft of Software Engineering

A look at how the process of task driven development kills the craft of software engineering.

Got Slack?

Got Slack? A look at what slack is, how slack is used, and why you need slack?

Failures and Fuck-ups

A distinction between failure and fuck ups.

A Comment from StackOverflow

Thoughts on the responsibilities of a top user on StackOverflow after a comment from another user.

How to win Family Feud

A strategy for winning the Family Feud game show based on probability and extensive viewership.

Why Apple should buy Spotify

An app developer's take on why Apple should buy Spotify.

Elevator Etiquette

After an awkward elevator ride at the end of an already long day, I established an elevator etiquette.

AWOFT: Meetings

Some quick guidelines on how to keep your everyday work meetings from being a waste of time.