Jason McCreary

a PHP and iOS developer. a thinker.

Jason McCreary: developer + thinker = code poet

We take your napkin sketches, your table talk, your ‘what-ifs’. Anything you have thought of and said, ‘wouldn’t that be great’. We ignite your imagination, fueled with technology into Pure Concepts. Becoming your ideas realized.

The Company

Pure Concepts is a technology and consulting company with primary focus on the Web and iOS application development. Pure Concepts uses the appropriate technologies to provide you a solution that fits your needs.

The Guy

I am Jason McCreary. I am an analytic mind. I am Jack’s sarcastic sense of humor. I am a web developer. I am in Louisville, Kentucky. I am a code poet. I am a true geek. Not the archaic definition, but the arcane – one who is truly passionate about something; choosing concentration over conformity.

Nicknames: : J, Jay-ifer, Carbomb (the drink, not the boom)

Likes: : Running, Movies, Learning, Outdoors.

Dislikes: : Nail-bitting. Teeth clicking. Emails with subject lines as the message.

The Goal

Today, everyone has a blog or social-profile. That is not the purpose of this site. I primarily focus on web development, and I have worked with the web for over a decade. In a way, we have grown up together. This site is a place for me to share information I learn from my work and personal experience. Especially information that I could not find elsewhere.